The Back room is a room in both ESCaPE 1 and 2. It is where you start in the game, and is 2nd biggest room in the game.

Appearance Edit

The Back Room is very empty, with nothing but crates and chambers (In ESCaPE 1).

In the first game, The Back Room had chambers, with one emitting gas, and the others empty. It can be presumed that the monsters spawned in the chambers, broke their way out, and went to the middle of the supermarket.

Screenshot 2

The Player's spawning point in the Back Room (ESCaPE 1)

It also seems that the Back Room has a door, but it is broken, Slanted down at an angle and sparks coming out of the door.

The room is also very, VERY dark.

Screenshot 1

The Broken door in the Back Room (ESCaPE 1)


In the second game, the gas chambers are gone and something resembling a table is smashed up on the floor. The crates are still intact in the Back Room, however.

Inside the Back Room in ESCaPE 2, You can see two ceiling lights hanging above, and the Back Room is even more empty than the first game. A image preview of ESCaPE 2 (Shown to public on Dec 19th, 2014) partially shows the Back Room. However, When you download the image, it's file-name is "Office.png"

ESCaPE 2 2014-12-21 17-22-01-44

The Back Room in First Person (ESCaPE 2)

Behavior Edit

If you wait too long on the Title Screen and access the Glitched Title Screen, 3 seconds after the game will put you in the Back Room again, but this time with intense glitching effects.

ESCaPE 2 2014-12-21 17-21-36-16

A Screenshot of the Glitched Back Room in first person. (ESCaPE 2)

This can make gameplay much more harder, since the glitching effects screw up the Player's vision.