The Title Screen is an in-game menu that gives you options to start the game, enter a custom game, or exit the game.

Appearance Edit

The Title Screen looks to be in the Back Room (ESCaPE 1), and it has a font that looks like 8-bit text. Music would play as well.

Screenshot 12

The Title Screen in ESCaPE 1.

Although, if you look closely, you will find the eyes of one of the monsters. It seems to resemble Chompter.

In ESCaPE 2, The Title Screen looks very similar, but with a new font (ORC A Std Font).

ESCaPE 2 2014-12-21 17-26-13-36

The Title Screen of ESCaPE 2

The new title screen in ESCaPE 2 Also has Skele and Chompter staring at the player until the click on one of the choices below the logo.

Behavior Edit

The Title Screen shows static and plays music. However, in ESCaPE 2, The static is replaced by a glitching effect and the music is ambiance, unlike the first game.

If you wait too long, then the title screen will glitch even more and the options will disappear, and the music is replaced by a very loud static/glitching sound.

Then after 3 seconds, It will spawn you in the game, with an intense glitching effect, making it hard to play the game. If you pressed "New Game" Before the options would disappear, you can play the game normally.